Cancellation/Scheduling Policy

All appointments are to be booked via the online scheduling system. If therapist has to book any appointments Groupon or regular priced, there is a $10 booking fee that will be added to the service at checkout. 

**Please note that appointments must be booked with the name and information of the PERSON RECEIVING THE SERVICE not the person booking the appointment or purchased the Groupon**

There is a 48 hour scheduling window for all appointments. The system will not allow appointments to be booked that are not in respect to the 48 hour time frame. 

If using a Groupon, please select the correct voucher option purchased and enter the number located under the barcode of your voucher in the MESSAGE section.

In the case of canceling any type of appointment, Groupon or regular service, there is a requirement to give the therapist at least a 48 hour notice.

If not canceled within the required timeframe or rescheduled the same day due to forgetting or missed start time, for Groupon appointments, there will be a mandatory minimum fee of $20 or depending on circumstance or a fee up to the price paid for the voucher. After a second offense for the same appointment, will result in forfeiture of the voucher AND IT WILL BE MARKED AS REDEEMED

For regular service appointments, there will be a charge for 50% of total price of service that must be paid before you can reschedule another appointment.

Monthly Plans/Series: Monthly Plans/Series are priced to be used in 4 weeks that is equivalent to 1 month. If monthly series is purchased, client is agreeing to fulfill 4 appointments per month. Some months may contain 5 weeks and will be adjusted as needed. If client cannot fulfill all 4 appointments, they will only be allowed to push up ONE missed appointment and any additional missed within that same month will not be extended into the following month, they will be lost. 

All No Call/No Shows depending on appointment type will result in either forfeiture of Groupon Voucher(will be marked redeemed) or a charge of 100% of the scheduled service.

Invoices will be issued for all fees related to cancellations and NO SHOW appointments.  Balances will be required to be PAID IN FULL before any future appointments can be made. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All clients are considered NO CALL/NO SHOWS if 48 hour notice was not given and/or NO CALL Or SHOW 15 minutes past scheduled appointment start time.

LATE ARRIVALS: If you arrive 15 minutes late or more for your scheduled appointment, YOU WILL BE RESCHEDULED AND SUBJECTED TO THE MANDATORY $20 RESCHEDULING FEE...NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Any modifications or deviation from policy will be made at Owners discretion.